Версия для слабовидящих



Theater department for over 50 years has been preparing leaders of creative teams, directors of theatrical programs, folklore theater directors and teachers for the Republic of Karelia. While studying at the department, students comprehend the basics of acting and directing, master the technique of stage and the art of scene makeup, learn stage movement and speech, get acquainted with the history of theater.

Graduates of the department work in the system of mass education and ethno-cultural education, in the system of additional education in art schools, houses of culture, amateur creative teams. Students of " Performing Arts " joined the National Theatre and the Puppet Theatre troupes  of the Republic of Karelia. The department is headed by Honorary Worker of secondary vocational education of Russia Tatyana Petrova. Among the faculty teachers - are Yuri Zdanowicz, Irina Zdanowicz, Rimma Korendyuhina, Lyubov Nikolyukina, Alexey Shalaev, Vyacheslav Polyakov.