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About us


Karelian College of Culture and Arts was founded in 1937. For long-term history the institution repeatedly changed its name and location, however, it has remained unchanged its desire to evolve, to change for the better and  to prepare competent professionals in order to preserve the traditions and conform to the image of the modern educational centre.

During 75 years the College has produced more than 8000 specialists of cultural and leisure profile: managers of creative groups, librarians, managers of socio- cultural activities, artists, craftsmen who successfully develop culture industry. College graduates work in all regions of Russia, in foreign countries and of course  in the cities and districts of the Republic of Karelia. Many of them became the pride of the institution, their talent and professionalism do not only captivate the audience and help to become popular in modern life, but also glorify the name of the college, skills of the teachers.

Today Karelian College of Culture and Arts is the basis of the regional educational complex in the field of culture and arts and the center for training and retraining of qualified, modern-minded performing and teaching staff.

The college is headed by Honorary Worker of Secondary Vocational Education of Russian Federation Svetlana Medvedeva. She came to the college after graduating from St.Petersburg University of Cinema and TV in 1987 and made a way from a simple teacher to the rector of the college.

College provides training in the following specialties:

- «Design» (in the field of culture and art);

- «Arts and crafts and folk crafts» (by type):

«Аrtistic embroidery»

«Аrtistic weaving»

«Modelling and decoration of clothing);

- «Socio-cultural activities» (by type):

«Оrganization of cultural and leisure activities»

«Оrganizing and staging cultural events and theatrical performances»

- «Falk-artistic creativity» (by type):

«Choreographic creativity ethnoart creativity»

«Theatrical creativity»

- «Library»

- «Performing Arts» (by type):

«Аctor of drama theater and cinema»

«Аctor of puppet theater»

«Musical theater actor»


Correspondence department: 

- «Library»

- «Socio-cultural activities» (by type): 

«Оrganization of cultural and leisure activities»

«Оrganizing and staging cultural events and theatrical performances, the organization of cultural and leisure activities»


Retraining programs: 

- Management in the field of arts and crafts; 

- Management of cultural events (event-management); 

- Library and Information Resources; 

- Improvement of professional skills in choreography.



1937 - 1946 

Political education school training for political education institutions in the People's Commissariat of the Karelian ASSR


1946 - 1958 

Library School


1959 - 1990 

Karelian cultural-educational school


1990 - 1998 

Karelian culture school


1990 - 2008 

Karelian College of Culture and Arts