Версия для слабовидящих



From all creative professions a designer is probably one of the most demanded. Future designers and specialists in the field of applied arts are learning on the Art department. 

The students study traditional applied arts of Karelia, modern technologies of textile, they master culture of graphics and projects. The students are taught to implement projects' culture very accurately and expressively, to make new aesthetics of the visual environment which meet the requirements of a modern man. 

The head of the department is Elena Panova who is a graduate of our college. Educational and creative process is lead by artists and teachers: B. Kukshiev, T. Sycheva, Z. Gavrilina, V. Falina, I. Sidorenko, Zh. Storozheva, N. Toloshinova, A. Simukova, V. Vayan.

The best works of the students are exhibited in local, republican and international exhibitions. Our graduates continue their education in art universities, they work in atr schools, houses of culture and museums of Karelia.