Версия для слабовидящих



Dance is the greatest value of the world culture.  Choreographic department, preserving and developing the best traditions of dance schools, has been educating active, creative, talented and industrious students. 

Geography of pedagogical activity of young specialists is very deversed: European countries (Italy, Germany, Finland, Ukraine), different cities of Russia and, no doubt, towns of Karelia. Among the graduates who became the pride of our college are dancers of famous professional teams: The State Dance Ensemble "Gzhel'" (Moscow), Ensemble "Russian Song" under the guidance of Nadezhda Babkina (Moscow), National Ensemble of Song and Dance "Kantele" (Petrozavodsk), Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia (Petrozavodsk), Theatre of Musical Comedy (St. Petersburg) and St. Petersburg Music Hall. 

The strong suit of of the department is orientation to modern choreography which is underlined by Russian and foreign choreographers, who offer us cooperation and participation in prestigeous international projects. The department is headed by Larissa Vodynina, the Honored Worker of Culture of Russian Federation and the Honorary Worker of secondary vocational education of Russia. Teachers and musicions of the department are: A. Alalykin, L. Gumennikova, R. Kettunen, L. Vesnina, M. Yanushevskaya, O. Tchugay, l.Tupikova, I. Kunitskaya, L. Semyashkina,  I. Olhovikova, O, Bogdanova ans so on.